Powerful Packaging

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every time we enter a super market we are bombarded with an explosion of type and image. The choice is expansive and only seems to grow each time we enter, with bigger and bolder and more amazing offers, each item competing on the shelf with its rivals to try and draw your attention screaming ” pick me, pick me!

Where the f**k do I start you may wonder…

The most aesthetically pleasing or visually powerful designs will grab your attention first. In retail, packaging design is everything… The cheapest and lowest quality of products can sell and make fortunes if masked in the right disguise and effectively marketed.

An emotional response is acheived by good packaging design. And in todays clutered world, standing-out needs inovation and a creative edge.

Packaging by Sterling Brands. Tropicana (Pepsi)

You can almost taste the orange juice before you open it; the orange top, white background and water droplet graphics invoke feelings of purity and freshness. This is a very good example of effective packaging, but with increasing competition, designs need to be ever-more adventurous and unique if they are to dominate rival products and find their way into our shopping bags.

“Proof that good packaging design can persuade the consumer to buy even the most banal products: Justin Guignac has already sold 1,200 of these trash cubes, which are handpicked from the streets of New York City.”



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