The Mating of Wood lice

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was thinking about what to write… anything at all, preferably a graphic design associated topic. Something orientated towards imagery and type was what first crossed my mind, but the more and more I delved into my pool of ideas the less inclined to concentrate on anything specific and absolute I became.

I turned to a friend for advise who mentioned I write about mating wood lice, which for obvious reasons I amusingly rejected.

I was in limbo for a while, subconsciously refusing and scrutinizing ideas, formulating half an idea whilst pondering the fruits of another simultaneously.

I was getting nowhere…

The mating of Wood lice.

  • Mating always occurs at night, making the ordeal very hard to see.
  • The male wood lice climbs onto a receptive female, licks her head and drums on her back with his legs for about five minutes.
  • He then shifts to a diagonal position on her back and passes sperm to her left side genital opening from his left hand sty-let, he then repeats this maneuver on the other side passing sperm form his right hand sty-let.
  • Sperm transfer usually takes about five minutes for each side and some species all mate at the same and can have a brood of over 250 young.

(Image from flicker.)

written by Mr Gordon Ramel (the care of woodlice)


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