Rio Street Art

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Rio De Janeiro is well known for its expansive beaches and vibrant carnivals but something not as publicized its the vast array of compelling street-art (graffiti). Graffiti is labelled as vandalism and illegal in many parts of the world but in Rio the level of support and talent for the art has caused laws to be lessened and even dropped in some areas. This freedom in some parts of Rio gives the artists a ‘canvas’ of walls and structures in which some of the worlds most innovative and beautiful pieces of street art have been master-pieced.

French photographer and street artist JR created an amazing photo-realistic project covering the favelas in Rio with detailed images of eyes, forcing the people of the city to look and notice the ignored favelas.

street-art, last month Rio’s Christ was defiled by graffiti artists which has caused uproar among citizens. The 130-ft statue overlooking the city was vandalized by criminals who targeted the monument after mud slides stopped security officers from reaching the area. They scaled the statue using scaffolding and wrote phrases including some commemorating those who were killed or disappeared in recent crimes. Acts of this nature i do not approve of and even though at times street- art can be beautiful and controversial, without appreciation and moderation it can cause damage to property and upset among the public.

The Christ of Rio after vandals targeted the monument.

Images from an article written by Katie Cassidy (Sky News Online)


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