Logorama: a reality?

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Logorama is a short animation depicting a world completely made out of corporate logos: From the Aston Martin seagulls to the T-mobile lampposts  and even the Michelin police officers, everything is a logo.

The reality is that Logorama is closer to our world than we care to think.

Corporate identities have completely taken over, bright and bold designs have proven most effective. Corporate logos and identities are now so recognizable and we are so frequently exposed to them that they are shaping the way we see the world.

A lot of us advertise companies everyday. From the things we buy to the clothes we wear and what is visible on our person… right now I am advertising Puma on my shoes and carlsberg in my hand.

One thing i find rather interesting is that Mcdonalds is depicted as an evil clown in the film and school children are Bic logos. The truth in todays western society is that we are all cliches of logos and identities, from the food we buy and supermarkets we choose to shop at, to the perfume we wear and cars that we drive.

Do we have a choice in what we consume or is it forced upon us?

Logorama is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain


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